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Pursuing the combination of men and space, adapting for all generations

Humans have always been the center of our design, rather than show off our technicality.  All the cores of our designs are the extensions of a user’s needs and preferences.  We attempt to be a listener to understand the user’s dream space in all perspectives. Our feedback is to realize each user’s needs for the space by delivering the design with variety. We see design as a fundamental structure for the space, the pursuit of aesthetics, and both of them have to take the combination of men and space into consideration. 

Long tsai neihu 23789.jpg

Your home can be a museum

When your life reaches to the stage of fulfillment, your living space is no longer about functionality and practicality.  It has become a reflection of the sophisticated lifestyle you would like to indulge into.  

The owner would like to transform his space into a private indulgence of his art and wine collections.  The core of the design is to make the collections speak for themselves in the space.  We believe it is the best way to realize the motto of art blending in your daily life.

A small room is filled with love

Our work for this old building in central Taipei is an extension of an affection of a father to his daughter.  We want to deliver a spacious and stress free living space by designing a flow of this tiny space.  A curved wall subtly divides the function of each space, however, manages to maintain the see through effect to keep the stress free feeling.  The interaction between old and new, father and daughter has created a pleasant transformation of the space.


A clinic with warmth and humanity

Embo Hospital successfully breaks the stereotype of a hospital by delivering the message of life is beautiful in the space.  We want our design to be filled with hospitality, like you are greeting your relatives.  We remove traditional angles and edges existing in conventional hospitals, and adapt soft linings to express warmth and hospitality instead.  We believe this is a proper way to greet new lives, after all, this space is going to be their first stop of their life.

Space for the needs of each generation

Home is a foundation of each individual.  Each inhabitant has their own life stories in the space.  Therefore, the living space plays a role of companion in our life. This companionship and our attachment to the space can last for one or two decades, sometimes even longer.  Our task is to discover the memorable stories of different stages, and co-work with our clients to figure out the space which they are comfortable and delighted to live in.

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