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Artisan with the nature of pursuing the ultimate perfection

Long Tsai Corp. was originally the outsourcing construction partner of well-known interior designers and architects.  We have been building up the capability and experiences of construction integration and adapt ability over the years.  We have built an identical but smaller version of Hong Kuo Building inside Taipei Fine Art Museum.  We also have built dozens of cottages in a remote rural forest from ground zero, not to mention the sound test model of National Taichung Theater.  All these cases are the proofs of our team’s capabilities of execution and profession.  They are our irreplaceable expertise which are highly recognized in the industry.

We deeply believe that we can exist for another 40 years by maintaining our credibility with professional execution, responsibility to clients and a sense of group honor to ourselves.


Mission Impossible: Architect Chu-Yuan Lee’s Exhibition

Architect Chu-Yuan Lee designed Taipei Fine Art Museum in 2000, therefore, it has a great significance of having an exhibition to look back his works in the past 10 years. Our mission is to create a 1,653 square-meter exhibition space in three days without working overtime, which is like driving on a fast track.

The architect makes a very bold decision after checking the venue, which is minimizing the Hong Kuo Building into an only 4.5 meters height model, and exhibiting in the museum.  We immediately rent four factories to work at night to cut, categorize, and prepare materials, and assemble them at the museum during the daytime. Hundreds of artisans and construction workers manage to deliver the model of the building within three days. 

Each process of this project is a big challenge, even sorting out the meal for few hundreds of workers is challenging.

Reproduce the model of National Taichung Theater with the proportion of 1:10, we manage to keep Ito Toyo’s work in Taiwan.

In the beginning of the National Taichung Theater project, it is necessary to make a model to test the sound effect.  Ito Toyo, the Japanese architect, considers that the Japanese team is the only choice of accomplishing this difficult task.  Finally, we manage to keep this project in Taiwan because the professor of National Taipei University of Technology fights for it, in order to create an opportunity for the local engineers and students to learn. Eventually, all of us manage to deliver this project professionally and successfully. And it is recognized by this world architecture master himself.  He is impressed by the capability of construction techniques of Taiwan.


Stud-Farms and Cottages

It is a big challenge if you want to create an American style stud-farm and small cottage community in the year of 1984.  We accomplished this project based upon the basic knowledge of American culture, few hand-drawn blue prints by the architect, and finally the experiences and techniques of craftsmen.  There is no short cut for this project, our attitude is doing things step by step without giving up.  Therefore, the result is a stud-farm and dozens of cottages.  These cottages are still in the serene forest and well-used until now.


We are not intimidated by the highly challenging projects, sometimes we even chose this path deliberately.  We see a client’s wish as our goal, regardless of the scale of the project. We treat our clients with concentration and empathy, and we completely trust them.  Accomplishing the task they give over is the promise we make to them.

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