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Embo Hospital



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A revolutionary design in health care, particularly the transformation of the mundane walls is now developed into a progression of vibrating curved lines. The staircase is the heart of this design. By revealing the smooth spiral passage also enhances the lighting and space expansion. The opening drawn to the skywalk forms like an embryo symbolizes the beginning of life and the purpose of this hospital. Aside, two cone-shaped pillars were constructed from the ground floor via the ceiling covering all pipes and cables for all functional connectivity. Also, aiming to respect the environmental aspect, recycled segments were utilized that could have become excess waste; reused and sustained raw material. The environment not only created a new inspiration for global hospitals but worldwide services.

Construction Process
挑空區 (32)
挑空區 (28)
挑空區 (23)
挑空區 (38)
挑空區 (41)
Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association
Embo Gym
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Jewish Taiwan Cultural Association
Embo Gym
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